Is Your Confidential and Sensitive Data Protected Even If Your Network/Systems are Breached?

With OnData’s proprietary Runtime Encryption technology, the answer is YES!

By encrypting confidential and sensitive data at ALL times, not just data in-transit and data at-rest, OnData ensures that the bad actors don’t gain access to your confidential and sensitive data, such as PII, HIPAA, CJIS, and FERPA regulated data, even if your network or perimeter/endpoint security controls are compromised

By applying and enforcing security policies at the data layer, OnData’s cutting edgeRuntime Encryption ensures your data remain secure at all times, even during a cyberattack, through the following features:

  • Automatically establishes and updates an inventory of confidential and sensitive data leveraging data schemas, without accessing actual data
  • Streamlines classification of confidential and sensitive data based on Texas Administrative Code Section 202 standards
  • Enforces data security policies so that only users with a need to know can access confidential and sensitive data
  • Provides granular audit logs detailing all access to confidential and sensitive data

If you would like to hear more about how OnData enables a true zero-trust environment, please reach out to schedule a demo at your convenience.