Managing and Securing Sensitive Files

Protect Files No Matter Where They Go

Organizations store a lot of critical and sensitive data in files. Such files should never be viewed by people who are not authorized to do so. However, the usual file access controls become ineffective when a file is copied to another location or emailed to someone else. OnData provides user-friendly tools to ensure the sensitive files are always protected when they are copied, emailed, or shared.

Protect Files Against Ransomware Attacks

The OnData SecureFile toolset allows users to conveniently protect the confidential and sensitive data in all kinds of files and documents at all times. As the file security is “baked” into the files themselves, those files are strongly protected no matter where they are stored, such as file servers, staff computers, USB keys, Teams/SharePoint, or any other kind of cloud storage. Files encrypted by OnData SecureFile can only be accessed by authorized users. The confidential and sensitive data is strongly protected even when the network security controls are breached due to ransomware attacks or zero-day vulnerabilities.

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