Securing Data in Organization Databases

Secure Data Management

Organizations store much of their mission critical data in databases that drive their applications. Unfortunately, the data encryption at-rest and in-motion supported by database engines does not provide adequate protection for the confidential and regulated data, leaving such data vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Leveraging our patent-pending runtime encryption technology, your confidential and regulated data is consistently protected not only at-rest and in-motion, but also at runtime. The encrypted data can flow from one system to another, without losing the strong protection that is “baked” into the data itself.

Want to Secure Your Data and Get Peace of Mind?

The OnData platform offers a variety of data services to ensure your confidential data is always secure. Our patent-pending runtime encryption technology protects your sensitive data at all times, beyond data at-rest and data in-motion. You get peace of mind that your data is always protected when you encounter any cybersecurity events, including ransomware attacks. Your confidential data would never end up in the wrong hands.

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Real Time Data Protection

OnData provides the ultimate protection for your confidential data through a set of user-friendly tools. These tools close the data security gaps left by encryption at-rest and encryption in-motion. Implementation is quick (in days) and provides much more comprehensive data protection than the data security approaches built into the database engines themselves. Furthermore, with OnData you can implement the same data security protection for all your data even when you use a variety of database engines.

Protecting Data in Analytics Environment

With the OnData Runtime Encryption technology, you can encrypt all confidential data when the data is initially received, from either applications or other data sources. The encrypted data can flow from one data environment to another, from one database engine to another, without decrypting the data. The confidential data can stay encrypted in your ETL pipelines, data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts, either on-premises or in the cloud. The OnData tools ensure that data integrity and correlation are kept intact so that data analytics can be implemented without decrypting the confidential data. For users with explicit authorization to access the original data, the data can be decrypted on the fly to reveal the confidential data.

Automating Secure Test Data

To test data-driven applications, organizations use either synthetic test data or copies of production databases in testing and staging environments. The synthetic test data may not be fully representative of the scale of the data that needs to be tested and may not cover all of the unique scenarios that need to be verified. Using production data introduces additional risks in both data security and data privacy. With OnData’s tools, an organization can create completely secure version of production databases which can safely be used in any test environment, even 3rd party test environments without the risk of exposing any sensitive data.

Securing Publicly Exposed Data

Another area where organizations can leverage OnData’s powerful toolset is with datasets that are exposed to public forums. Whether this is used for mandatory public reporting or just used as APIs that are exposed to public sources, OnData can make sure that all the data made available through this process maintains its analytical integrity while still securing the confidential data.

OnData provides automation tools which can protect datasets that are provided for public consumption. These tools make sure that the data relationships are kept intact while the confidential data is encrypted using a patent pending, application agnostic approach. This means analytics are still possible on the data, even though no sensitive data is exposed.