Protecting Confidential Data: Leveraging Lessons Learned from the Payment Card Industry

OnData is a cloud-based data security and management platform designed to simplify and strengthen critical data security and management functions. It leverages a cutting-edge data security approach first used by the payment card industry to combat a never-ending battle with fraud. Specifically, the payment card industry, including card brands and card issuers, was paying billions every year because card data was stolen and misused. There were two key problems that needed to be solved:

  1. The industry needed a way to make it more difficult to steal card information; and
  2. The industry needed a way to verify that the card that was being used was actually the one issued by the bank and not counterfeit.

In the United States (following the rest of the world), the payment card industry has switched to chip-based card rather than magnetic stripe cards. Why? Chip cards are much more difficult to duplicate because there is special data in the chip that identifies that the card came from the actual issuer. This addressed problem number 2 above, but that was not enough. It would still be possible to sniff data lines or introduce fraudulent equipment to capture the data needed to perform online transactions once the card data was acquired (as we know, you do not need the card to buy something on the Internet).

To prevent the confidential card data from being stolen, the industry (and its governing industry bodies) has introduced a data security approach called Point to Point Encryption (P2PE). The P2PE approach makes sure that from the point of data entry, all the way to the processor for the card, the confidential data is encrypted and protected. This eliminates all the other points in between where card data travels to make sure that no one has access to the confidential card data.

The OnData Platform incorporates the P2PE approach with a patent-pending technology solution that provides enhanced encryption for all confidential data in your databases, building a true “need-to-know” data environment with data access policies as well as automated data governance and compliance. The OnData Platform makes sure that all confidential data in your systems are encrypted and that only the persons who are authorized to access the data can actually access it. The OnData Platform encrypts the data at all times, including in-transit, at-rest and at-runtime, and never decrypts it until such data is needed by an authorized user. It protects your data against both internal and external threats in a way that has never been available before.