Transforming to a “Need-to-Know” Data Environment

Happy 2022 to all our friends and partners from OnData. We are excited about this year for many reasons, but most of all, it is because we are rolling out our new data-focused cybersecurity suite, the first and only product to deliver true Need-to-Know Data for all of the most common database engines. OnData is securely hosted in a government cloud environment. 

Need-to-Know Data means that your sensitive data is encrypted ALL THE TIME, and can only be accessed by those with a “Need-to-Know” enabled by an explicit permission to access the data. With OnData, sensitive data is encrypted at rest, in transit (doubly so if you are using SSL), and even encrypted in the application memory (preventing man in the middle attacks).

The OnData Team continuously monitors all cybersecurity events including data breaches and ransomware attacks. There is a common theme for such cybersecurity events, the bad actors are going after your data. So, what if all they took from you was just a bunch of random characters, symbols, and nothing of use to them?

We know these kinds of cybersecurity events make for high-profile headlines now, but they have actually been creating havoc for quite some time. Here are some examples of past cybersecurity attacks whose effect could have been neutralized with the OnData technology:

  1. T-Mobile: Attackers Stole 8.6 Million Customers’ Details
  2. Historical Look at Top 10 Biggest Government Data Breaches
  3. Microsoft Cosmos Database Vulnerability

OnData is committed to delivering technology that removes the complexity of managing, protecting, and expediently accessing your data. With decades of experience in building high-end retail and payment systems on top of large data stores, the OnData Team is leveraging that experience to provide a robust suite of solutions that eliminate the challenges of making data safe and productive.

Future articles will focus on the complexities in the market today related to data technologies and how OnData is making it possible to protect and access your data in ways that will transform your business.